Data Storage & Computing

The WUCCI exclusively uses the storage cluster run by the Wash U IT Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) group, housed in the medical campus data center and is connected to the WUCCI by a dedicated 10Gbit fiber-optic link via the Wash U Research Network (WURN). The medical campus data center is a 15,600 sq. ft. facility with fully redundant power and cooling systems. Each research group can request a storage allocation from the RIS group directly via their service desk

High-Performance Computing

The WUCCI also utilizes the RIS compute cluster for larger-scale distributed computing applications. The compute cluster has 465 servers, over 6,000 cores and jobs management is provided by the IBM Scale (LSF) job scheduler. The newest computational servers have dual 10Gbit network links, 56 cores with hyper-threading, 512GB RAM and 2TB local storage grouped in a chassis of 16 servers connected via four 40Gbit Ethernet ports to redundant core network switches. This architecture provides 160Gb/s bandwidth between each compute chassis and storage cluster.