Data Storage Facility

The WUCCI data storage server (affectionately termed WUCCIsorus) is a clustered front-end server (with a primary and failover node) attached by 12GB fiber-channel connections to a dense storage array (480TB). The clustered front-end serves the virtual machine environment for the WUCCI running the access to file-server, the license managers for WUCCI software and the Biolucida image management cloud. The system configurations are detailed below:

Clustered Front-end Server (Romulus and Remus)

Dual Dell PowerEdge R630 servers

  • 2 x Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 8 core processors
  • 2 x 128GB of DDR4-2133Mhz RAM
  • 2 x Dual 120GB SSD Boot Hard Drive
  • 2 x Dual 4 x 1GB Ethernet ports
  • 2 x 12GB Fiber-channel connections

Dense Storage Array (WUCCIsorus)

Dell PowerVault MD3460

  • Dual 12GB SAS controllers
  • 60 x 8TB NLSAS hot-pluggable drives (480TB)
  • Virtual disk copy / Disk Snapshot