WUCCI Welcomes Sanja Sviben

The Center for Cellular Imaging is pleased to welcome Dr. Sanja Sviben as a Staff Scientist focusing on Electron Microscopy. Dr. Sviben received her degree from the Max Plank Institute where she did some phenomenal work using Scanning Electron Microscopy to study biomineralization. She brings over 7 years of EM experience, including Focused Ion Beam-SEM, […]

NINDS Awards U01 for a-syn Cryo-EM

Funding Agency:  NIH / NINDS Grant No:  U01 NS110436 Title:  STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY OF ALPHA-SYNUCLEIN IN LEWY BODY DEMENTIA Abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is defined pathologically by the accumulation of alpha-synuclein (Asyn) fibrils in neuronal cytoplasmic and neuritic inclusions known as Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites. The role of Asyn in the pathogenesis of PD is […]

Fitzpatrick awarded NIH HEI S10 Grant

Funding agency: NIH / OD – ORIP Grant No: S10 OD025029 Title: CRYO-FIB-SEM SYSTEM FOR THE NANOSCALE IMAGING AND MANIPULATION OF FROZEN BIOLOGICAL SPECIMENS Abstract: This proposal requests funds to acquire a Cryo-Focused Ion Beam (Cryo-FIB) microscope system in support of a diverse group of NIH-funded investigators from four different departments at the Washington University […]

WUSTL Movie Wins BioArt Competition

Winner: 3-D movie starring lung’s blood vessel network A lacy network of red, blue, gold and green strands rotates hypnotically in a 40-second video, tracing the many blood vessels in a mouse’s lungs. The video, created by faculty and staff at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, was named a winner of the […]