Light Microscopy Staff

Peter Bayguinov, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist, Optical Microscopy

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-1418

Instruments: Nikon A1R, Zeiss 880’s, Zeiss Versa XRM
Hobbies: Photography, Photoshop, hiking and wrestling his kids

Dennis Oakley, M.S.

Research Specialist, Optical Microscopy

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-0870

Instruments: Nikon A1R, FV1200, Zeiss AxioImager & AxioScan
Hobbies: Family, politics and renovating his house

Mike Shih, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist, Optical Microscopy & Imaging Informatics

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 273-1552

Instruments: Nikon A1R, N-SIM, N-STOMR & SD.
Hobbies: Photography, family and playing the Euphonium.

Electron Microscopy Staff

Max Fisher

Research Technician, Electron Microscopy


Instruments: JEOL TEM
Hobbies: Leather crafting, orchid cultivations, drawing

Ross Kossina

Research Technician, Electron Microscopy

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-1610

Instruments: JEOL TEM
Hobbies: Doughnuts and vampires

Greg Strout, M.S.

Research Specialist, Electron Microscopy

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-1610

Instruments: JEOL TEM, Zeiss Merlin SEM
Hobbies: Restoring antique American cars

Sanja Sviben, Ph.D. 

Staff Scientist, Electron Microscopy

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-1610

Instruments: Zeiss XB540 FIB-SEM, Merlin SEM
Hobbies: Naming microscopes, cycling and being excited!

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Staff

Michael Rau

Research Specialist, Cryo-Electron Microscopy & Structural Biology

Email:, Tel: +1 (314) 747-1869

Instruments: Titan Krios
Hobbies: Family, hunting and working on the farm

Undergraduate Research Assistants