Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 XRM

The Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 is a highly versatile platform allowing sub-micron imaging of large sample volumes. The Versa is unique in that it offers Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) in addition to being a completely non-destructive imaging modality. The systems offers 700nn resolution over centimeters of sample volume.

System Configuration

  • Dual Scan Contrast Visualizer (DSCoVer) provides flexible side-by-side tuning of two distinct tomographies at different imaging conditions or sample conditions. This enables compositional probing for features normally indistinguishable in a single scan, enabling you to seamlessly and easily collect the data required for dual energy analysis. Imaging a sample at two different X-ray spectra, or in two different states, aligning the resulting datasets and then combining them assures you will achieve optimum contrast for the material of interest and allow you to establish repeatable research parameters
  • High-Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART) mode on Xradia 520 Versa provides you with higher throughput imaging for flat samples such as those found with semiconductor packages and boards.
  • Automated Filter Changer (AFC) houses a standard range of 12 filters along with space for a dozen additional custom filters for new applications. Filter selection is easily programmed and recorded within imaging recipes so filters may be changed without disrupting the work flow.
  • Wide Field Mode & Vertical Stitching provides you with either an extended lateral field of view for imaging large sample types or higher resolution using the standard field of view, both in a single tomography. Combining WFM with the Vertical Stitching feature enables you to image large samples that are both wider and taller than the standard field of view.