Please fill out the form below to submit a request for instrument training in the WUCCI. For specific instrument training requests, please indicate your preference in the experiment description summary. For EM / XRM sample preparation requests, please submit a service request using the links on our Service page.

Training Request Form
Widefield Fluorescence
Confocal Imaging Modalities
Live Cell Confocal
Two-Photon Modalities
Super-resolution Imaging
Lightsheet Microscopy
Please describe what type of sample you'll be working with
Please describe your experimental paradigm. For light microscopy please describe whether you wish to image live-cells, do a z-stack or a FRAP or FRET experiment etc. For electron microscopy please describe what your desired outcome is (i.e. visualization of cellular ultrastructure, localization of a protein of interest etc).
PLEASE NOTE: use of the WUCCI and its resources for the imaging of living BSl-2 samples or vertebrate animals WILL require an approved IBC/IACUC Protocol Addendum letter citing the WUCCI imaging site location. PLEASE provide BOTH the approved protocol number AS WELL AS upload a copy of the relevant IBC/IACUC protocol addendum as a part of this request.

Maximum file size: 51.2MB

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