Getting started as a new user in the WUCCI

Registering, as a user of the WUCCI is required for all users irrespective of which microscope, computer or service you wish to utilize. Registration can be completed on-line using the iLab system. Once your on-line registration is received your account request will be reviewed by the Scientific Director and if appropriate, authorized. Once that step is complete, you will contacted by the Scientific Director, or a member of the WUCCI staff to schedule your training or to plan your experiment.

Which microscope or service do I need for my project?

Prior to requesting access to the WUCCI, we thoroughly recommend that new users visit the Facilities pages of the WUCCI website to read the equipment descriptions to determine which microscope is suitable for your studies. We also recommend that if you are new to microscopy, you should schedule an initial meeting with a WUCCI staff member to discuss your project aims, and they will be able to direct you to the most appropriate systems. WUCCI staff can also schedule a tour of the facilities; we loves to show off all the toys and figure out how best to tackle your experiment!

What if I have live or hazardous samples?

Please refer to instructions in the Biohazard Policy regarding biohazard guidelines. In short, please submit your PI’s IBC or IACUC protocols via the on-line training request form prior to bringing any live or hazardous samples into the facility.

Scheduling a Training session

All training requests for staff, students and post-doctoral fellows must be made via the on-line training request form. Once your training request is received by the Center, a staff member will contact you to schedule a training session. Staff members training responsibilities are listed below:

For confocal, live-cell, two-photon and super-resolution microscopes: two 2-hour training sessions are required before you can use the microscopes independently; for wide field microscopes, only one 2-hour session is required.

For electron microscopes: at least two, 2-hour training sessions are required or until the user demonstrates sufficient competence for unattended use. However, please note that new users on the TEM and SEM microscopes are restricted to use during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm). Use on weekends is prohibited until users have demonstrated extensive experience and competency in their operation and who have also undergone additional training in how to shut down the microscope in case of an emergency. Since there is limited staff presence after hours, this policy is designed to avoid costly damage to the microscopes.

Please also note that assisted use of EM scopes is restricted to Monday through Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm

EM sample submission process

Please refer to instructions in the Usage Policy and the FAQ sections regarding sample submission. But briefly: specimens should be fixed prior to submission and kept refrigerated in fixative until submitted. EM fixatives and buffers can be obtained from the EM sample prep lab within the WUCCI. Please contact Greg Strout for a time to collect reagents.