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Tissue Clearing

Logos Biosystems X-CLARITY

The Logos X-CLARITY tissue clearing system is a simple, rapid, and efficient tool for passively or electrophoretically clearing tissues. The system includes a hydrogel polymerization unit which can accept multi-well plates or 50ml conical tubes, and increases polymerization times substantially by adjustments in vacuum and temperature. Delipidification is achieved by circulation of a pre-mixed SDS-based buffer, ensuring consistent buffering capacity and temperature. Various holders allow for a multitude of sample sizes.

Tissue Culture Facility

The WUCCI tissue culture facility features state-of-the-art equipment for all necessary BSL-2 culture conditions. The facility is enclosed in a dedicated space within the WUCCI complex and is equipped with two 4’ Class II, Type A2 bio safety cabinets and four HeraCell VIOS copper lined, self-sterilizing incubators (two CO2 and two tri-gas for hypoxic conditions). The facility also houses a Sorvall X1R refrigerated, swinging bucket centrifuge, a 12 L dry bath, a fridge/freezer, and wet-prep bench space.

EM Sample Preparation

Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

The thin sectioning room houses two UC7 ultramicrotomes for routine and ultrathin EM sectioning. Both units have touchscreen control, multi-LED illumination, eucentric movement, and automated routines for trimming / sectioning. In addition, each unit features a digital camera coupled to a 50” LED TV for ergonomic and teaching purposes.

For Tokuyasu or cryo-sectioning, the center also has a Leica FC7 cryo stage attachment for the UC7. This unit boasts three temperate zones for precise sectioning control, anti-contamination airflow, and a CRION antistatic device with discharge mode.

Leica EM KMR3 Glass Knife Maker

The Leica EM KMR3 knifemaker is a complete tool-free unit that scores, clamps, and breaks glass strips into knives for ultramicrotomy. Available glass strips are 6.4mm thick.

Leica EM ICE High-Pressure Freezer

The EM ICE is a high-pressure freezing system coupled with ms-precision light stimulation. This platform doesn’t require alcohol or cryoprotectants and includes an automated loading system for one-second fresh-to-frozen cycles. 

Light stimulation is achieved via easily exchangeable LED light modules. Currently, the system has blue (450 λ), green (523 λ) and amber (597 λ) modules. 

Leica EM AFS2 Freeze Substitution System

The AFS2 is a fully automated freeze substitution system for processing samples after they have been high pressure frozen. It also includes the EM FSP automatic robotic processor with integrated UV LEDs for user-free operation.

Leica EM CPD300 Critical Point Drier

The EM CPD300 is a fully automated critical point drier for the gentle drying of samples for SEM analysis. It is compatible with samples that have been dehydrated in ethanol, methanol, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol. This unit can accommodate small to medium (~75 x 40mm) sized samples, and has dedicated holders for drying multiple coverslips.

Leica EM ACE600 Sputter Coater

The ACE600 coater is a high-resolution turbo-pumped combination sputter coater, carbon thread evaporator, and glow discharge device. It features a motorized, planetary drive stage with quartz crystal thickness monitor. Foil targets for sputtering include: Iridium, Platinum, and Gold.

Leica ACE900 Freeze Fracture System

The ACE900 is a high-resolution turbo-pumped freeze-fracture system for the preparation of platinum replicas of vitrified cells and tissues. It features a sample cold shield, clean knife for each fracture, fast e-beam coating and protected vacuum transfer to other analysis systems.

Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Thermo Fisher Vitrobot Mk IV

As a part of the Cryo-TEM workflow, it is necessary to create high-quality vitrified samples for single particle analysis or cryo-tomography applications. The Vitrobot offers fully automated vitrification at constant physical and mechanical conditions. The transfer from the vitrification medium into the liquid nitrogen atmosphere has been automated, ensuring consistent sample quality at high sample throughput.

Gatan Solarus 950 Plasma Cleaner

Solarus is a plasma-based cleaning system that offers the most effective method for the removal of hydrocarbon contamination on transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) samples.

Gatan 626 Cryo-Holder (on JEOL TEM)

The Gatan 626 has a minimum operating temperature of -170C. An associated cryo-workstation provides a protected environment for loading a frozen specimen into the holder. A cryo-shield encapsulates the frozen-hydrated specimen to protect it from contamination during atmospheric transfers from the cryo-workstation to the transmission electron microscope (TEM) for screening of cryo-samples.

EMS GloQube Glow Discharger

The EMS GloQube™ has two independent vacuum chambers: a clean chamber, designed for applications requiring hydrophobic / hydrophilic conversion and a vapor chamber, designed for use with reagents such as methanol and alkylamine.