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CDI Renews Large Core Initiative Grant to WUCCI for Correlative Microscopy

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Childrens Discovery Institute (CDI)

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Cellular Imaging and Correlated Microscopy Tools to Study the Pathogenesis of Pediatric Diseases


Recent advances in cellular imaging technology enable unprecedented dynamic and spatial resolution in studies of cells, tissues, and animals, creating exciting opportunities for discovery in basic and translational studies of pediatric diseases. Equipment cost coupled with required technical knowledge has generated a fundamental gap between availability of modern imaging approaches, and their access to investigators. The Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) was created to address this issue, and presents a new paradigm for a shared resource, providing education, service, technology development and collaborative opportunities to the WUSM research community. 

The purpose of this competitive Large-Core Initiative renewal application is to continue to accelerate both basic and translational pediatric-related research studies through provision of affordable access to instrumentation and services covering a wide and evolving range of microscopic imaging technologies, spanning light (confocal, light sheet, multiphoton, and super resolution) microscopy, as well as ultrastructural modalities, including scanning and transmission electron microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy, as well as non-invasive three-dimensional imaging using x-ray microscopy.

The successful renewal of this Large-Core Initiative will provide funds for micro-grants to offset recharges for CDI investigators, support priority consultation and assistance with experimental design, sample preparation and data analysis for CDI investigators, and fund multiple educational programs.Efficient utilization of sophisticated technology platforms are inefficient without training and professional guidance in its use and their applications. This philosophy underlies the mission of the WUCCI, and successful accomplishment of our specific aims will enhance research within the CDI and the entire WUSM community. 

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